Unleash the Artistry - Pet Nose Jewelry and Keepsakes

Unleash the Artistry - Pet Nose Jewelry and Keepsakes

Every pet owner knows the indescribable joy that comes from sharing your life with a furry friend. These loyal companions become a significant part of our lives, etching their paw prints on our hearts in the most unforgettable ways. Most people have heard of paw print jewelry, but there's a new, incredibly unique and personal trend that's taking the pet-loving world by storm: pet nose textured jewelry.  

Pet Nose Textured Jewelry Images - with photos of the pet nose used to make them.

This world is inundated with mass-produced items but our unique pet nose textured jewelry offers a breath of fresh air. It is a personal and sentimental way to honor your beloved pet, with every piece being completely unique.  It is said that just as no two fingerprints are alike, no two pet noses are alike. 

I probably get asked this question more than any other question about my products.  How do I make the pet nose textured jewelry and what do you need from me to make it?

It all starts with the nose image!  The better the photo, the better your nose texture results will be.  So, what makes a good image?

  • First and foremost, it MUST be well focused.  If the lines are blurry, they will be wider than they should be on the final product.  
  • Photos should be taken in natural light and without the use of a flash.  Reflections from the flash or harsh lighting make it difficult to capture the true patterns.  
  • Photos should be taken at a high resolution to avoid graininess in the photos.  Most cell phone photos are high enough resolution, but if images are copied from a social media platform, many times the resolution is degraded.

These are a few examples of good and bad nose images:

If you're having trouble trying to get a well focused image, here are a few tips to try:  

  • Take photos while your pet is sleeping.  Some pets are incredibly camera shy.
  • Have someone hold a treat or a toy above you so they are focused on that as you're trying to take the photo.
  • When focusing the photo, be sure to focus on the nose itself and not the entire face.  For example, on my android, I can press my finger on my screen on the point I want it to focus on, so I would touch the nose on my screen, then take the photo.  I'm sure this is true for iPhones as well.  
  • Well focused photos are more important than super close.  Some phones won't focus properly if they are too close to the subject.  

Your images are then converted to line art and the details are cleaned up and refined to produce the best image.  That's when the fun begins!  I use your line art image to create a photopolymer plate, which in easy terms, is a steel backed stamp that is an exact replica of the line art.  This stamp is used to create the impression in the metal clay.  Each piece is hand cut, dried, sanded and refined to the correct shape, then fired in a kiln at 1600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Four images include photopolymer plate and silver metal clay, shape template cutting the metal clay, the cut shapes and the refined shape.

From photo to beautiful keepsakes!

In conclusion, pet nose textured jewelry is a unique and meaningful way to keep your pet's memory alive. Whether you're celebrating their life or cherishing their memory, this jewelry offers a personal touch like no other. It's a forever connection to the furry friend who has left an indelible mark on your heart.

Order your Pet Nose Jewelry and Keepsakes here.  Or, contact me if you would like to create something special and unique just for you.  



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