Whether you’re here because you’ve lost a loved one or a precious pet, or you want to celebrate and remember a special someone or event, you’ve come to the right place.  I want to help you find the perfect keepsake to connect you forever to that memory.
Hello!  I’m Cheryl Frazee, founder, designer and maker, here at A Timeless Impression.  My jewelry making journey began in 2008 and was introduced to metal clay in 2009.  This relatively new medium was very intriguing, and I was fascinated that I could now make my own pendants and jewelry components.  I was hooked from the beginning, but when I discovered how to turn images into lasting keepsake jewelry, I became much more passionate. 

​My brother passed away unexpectedly at the age of 32, which rocked our family to its core.  I had been making fingerprint jewelry then discovered the ability to convert images into stamps, which made much deeper impressions than traditional engraving.  I had very few mementos from my brother, so when I found his footprints on his birth certificate and his handwriting on a card I had kept, I was ecstatic!  That’s when I made my first pieces using this new process, which opened the door to many more exciting products.

In 2010, tragedy struck again when my sister was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and in 2012, my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer.  I was faced with the possibility of losing 2 more family members who I am extremely close to.  These circumstances drove home how special it is to have keepsakes of your loved ones to help you remember and celebrate them.  This is when I decided I wanted to turn my one time hobby into a business, so I could share the joy of lasting treasures with so many others. 

Thankfully, my mom and Sister are both still with me today!
I believe personalized keepsakes are a symbol of love.  Just like you, I know deep love, and I’ve experienced grief and loss. 

​I design jewelry and keepsakes with impressions that are personalized by you and for you
  • Fingerprints
  • Footprints and Handprints
  • Handwriting
  • Drawings
  • Portraits
  • Pet Photos
  • Paw Prints
  • Nose Prints
  • Pet Fur/Feathers/Horse Mane or Tail
  • And more!

You seek quality, so I make your keepsakes using semi precious and precious metals and quality gemstones.

You want fine detail and deep impressions so that your keepsakes will last forever.  Over the years, I have developed my processes so that with proper care, your keepsakes can be passed down through generations.  I make every piece myself, from start to finish, ensuring you will be in love with your final product.

I truly care about every customer and I take great pride in my products.  This level of care, empathy and workmanship shows in my service and my products. My customers trust me to make perfect memorial items that help heal and bring comfort.  

I am a self-taught metal clay artist and learned my skills through hours and hours of online classes and workshops.  My perfected techniques and processes have been developed through countless trials and errors and are unique to my line of products.  Every piece I make is unique and one of a kind.

​Let me help you find that perfect symbol of love! You can visit one of these collections: