Collection: Pet Memorial Jewelry

Jewelry and Keepsakes Honoring Your Pets

Your pet is a part of your family and this collection offers many designs to keep them close to you, whether they are still here with you or have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  We can use paw print, nose prints, photos, fur and more to make your special, one of a kind piece. 

Pet Photos and Paw Print Keepsakes  A replica of your photo or paw print is captured with exceptional precision using my perfected techniques and processes along with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring that every pendant is a true work of art and one of a kind.  

Dog Nose Textured Keepsakes  These special pendants replicate the texture of your pup's unique nose.  The impressions are extremely detailed and deeply impressed allowing you to feel the texture.  

Pet Fur Keepsakes  Your pet's actual fur is pressed into the clay leaving an imprint of the texture.  All unused fur is returned to the client.

Cremation Ashes Keepsakes  Your pet's ashes are completely encapsulated into the solid silver pendant to remain there forever.